Conceptual designs are more or less a visual representation of what an  Invention looks like at the beginning stages before it has had time to be more solidified in design. Prototype designers sometimes have a challenge of taking sketches or drawings from an Inventor and transforming them into a working 3D model.

Product research

CAD software enables the Inventor and designer to communicate throughout the design process. If you’re not familiar with CAD it’s the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting Design. Almost everything manufactured today is done so by the use of this software, and it allows the most diverse plastic molds, CNC, and other types of manufacturing to be produced today

Invention Designing with CAD

When a Conceptual design has been established and dimensions added to further explain an Invention Design, a Rapid Prototype can be designed. Rapid Prototype Designers can be found online and take the original design and adjust it for things like tolerance and other aspects of engineering in order to make the Invention Design functional. The majority of Rapid Prototypes are constructed from ABS Plastic by the use of 3D Printers. 3D Printers use a process of layering which places one layer upon another until the specified material is built up to create a physical model. 3D Printers work primarily like an ordinary printer except instead of ink they lay down plastics to form prototypes. The process goes quite fast and is more affordable than most Inventors might imagine.

Invention Design

Invention designs basically derive from the same 3D CAD models used to create prototypes. CAD is extremely versatile and can be used for Concept Designing, Patent Drawings, or Patent Blueprints, Prototypes, Injection Molding, CNC, and any other form of manufacturing an Inventor may need from Concept to Completion. 3D CAD Services can provide an Inventor with the majority of design needs for a Patent Design, and should provide reduced pricing due to the fact they have the ability to bundle all the designs together. This fact will allow an Inventor to save time, money, confusion, and  frustration from the beginning of the search for their patent up to the manufacturing of their invention.

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