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Inventions are thought of every day and some decide to take the journey to the patent process. When an Inventor submits for a Patent there are several things they must provide. All the information submitted helps the Patent Office fully understand the functionality, and look of the Invention. Patent Drawings are one of the most important features required to submit for a Patent, and can be obtained through an Invention Design Service. These CAD Designers can be found online and can develop 3D CAD Models which can be used for Patent Blueprints, Renderings, and even manufacturing products.

Invention Design Software We Develop Prototypes With

Invention CAD Designers

If Your unfamiliar with what the definition of CAD is, it’s the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting or Computer Aided Design. The Invention CAD Designers otherwise known as Prototype Designers use CAD software to develop 3D Models. 3D CAD Models contain information within the files that allow the machines that produce CNC, Rapid Prototypes, and Injection Molds to operate. Once the initial CAD file is created for the Inventor the rapid prototype can be made.

Rapid Prototype Companies

Rapid Prototype Companies produce prototypes with the use of 3D Printers. These machines made to develop prototypes can do so by using a process of layering. These layers one upon another eventually make up the physical prototype which can be held and examined. This will allow an Inventor to fully check for tolerance, functionality, and for any changes they may want to make before mass producing begins. The Rapid Prototype can be used for snagging potential investors and is a good idea to  have before presenting a pitch. Normally the Rapid Prototype Company can do all of the design work as well. They can be found online by doing a Google search for “Invention Designers”.

Injection Mold Designers

Once the Invention Design has been approved for manufacturing, it is normally done by the use of injection molds. These injection molds differ from rapid prototypes in the sense that they can be used over and over to produce molds out of the specified material. This process is more affordable in the long term but an Inventor should get a Rapid Prototype made first. CAD files are the versatile tool that allows the process of Patent Drawings, Rapid Prototypes, and Injection Molds to be done.  Don’t make the same mistake most Inventors do by using separate Design Companies to have all three done. One Invention Design Service can do them all and for the fraction of what it would normally cost.

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