Inventors all have to go through the same treacherous ordeal called the patent process. This required task is composed of information regarding their invention including patent drawings. These patent drawings can be created from a design service that specializes in CAD. All of these invention design services don’t produce prototypes, but if you look hard enough you can find one online.

Inventions & CAD

CAD Designers can help an inventor go from having a conceptual design to patent drawings and even a working prototype. If your unaware of what CAD is, it’s the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting. Basically it’s the software that draftsman use to develop 3D models which can be used for manufacturing purposes. Just about anything you see that’s been developed with machines is done so by CAD. When an inventor needs their patent drawings created its done with CAD. When the inventor needs to have their prototype created its also done with a file that was created with CAD. CAD files can also be used for creating injection molds which are how mass production of most products is accomplished.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototypes can normally be produced by the same company who designed your invention. These rapid prototyping services use machines called 3D printers to develop the prototype. 3D Printers develop the prototype by creating layers of specified material on top of one another until a physical part has been developed. This will allow the inventor to review their invention for functionality and other aspects of its engineering to determine any changes that may be needed before moving onto a finalized design. Having a rapid prototype made is sometimes all the inventor must do in order to pitch their inventions idea to potential investors. The prototype allows the investors to understand not only the look, but how it works.

Injection Molds

Injection molds are created once a product is moving into the mass production stage. The injection mold can be used over and over continuously to produce a product at extremely low cost for the manufacturer. The only thing needed for an injection mold to be created is a CAD file. This is the final step between patent and production so design work is no longer needed to produce an actual product. As I said before try to find one invention design service to assist you with all your needs. It will save any inventor lots of time, money, and headache.

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