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Many inventors are troubled while going through the patent process when they come to the design aspect. Most inventors know what their invention should look like and how it functions. The problem is they don’t know how to express their design properly to the USPTO. The patent drawings must be formatted properly before the Patent Office will consider their patent application.

Patent designers can be found online who help inventors throughout the patent submission stage. They should also be able to assist the Inventors with creating a 3D model, providing rapid prototypes and almost any aspect concerning design or manufacturing.

CAD Drafting

If you’re unfamiliar with CAD than you should definitely familiarize yourself with it before taking on a patent. CAD or CADD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting Design. This is the process that must be done to create the patent drawings, rapid prototype, CNC, or any other sort of manufacturing. CAD files consist of 3D models which translate information into dimensions which machines that manufacturer use to create products. Invention designers use CAD to handle all the design criteria needed within submitting a patent to the USPTO. Try to find one invention design service to perform all your invention design needs because it will allow you to save money, time, and headache throughout the patent process. The same CAD file used to create the patent drawings can be used for the conceptual design, rapid prototype, and future forms of manufacturing. To find one of these CAD designers online simply Google the associated key words and several should be at the top of your search results.

Designing Inventions

Prototype Companies

Prototype companies use machines called 3D printers to develop their rapid prototypes from CAD files. A 3D printer uses a process of layering to form a rapid prototype from heated material injected through a small point like an ink printer. The difference is that instead of ink it lays one layer upon another until the specified material builds up to the final product. In cases where there might be a gap or area that needs support while the 3D printer creates the prototype a secondary material is used for structure. Once the process is complete the rapid prototype is submerged into a solvent bath where the material used for support is dissolved. Having a rapid prototype created is a must before investing in an injection mold due to the fact it’s much more cost effective and allows the inventor to fully grasp what their invention looks, feels, and performs like. The prototype will also allow the designer to foresee any future problems with engineering, or updates they might like to make before investing in other forms of mass production.

Design Help for Inventors

Remember that you should try and find one source to complete all your design needs throughout the patent process to save valuable time and money. There are several companies out there who will only want to perform one of the several tasks you will require in order to successfully apply for a patent. Some of these companies can also assist inventors with not only the product’s design, but also branding, logo design, web design, and online marketing. If you’re an inventor and plan to take your product to market yourself try to find help from one of these online design companies as they will become a key asset in the end.

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