3D modeling services online

At eLine Design we specialize in CAD drafting which is the software drafters use for Computer Aided Drafting Design. We can take your 2D images and convert 3D models from them. We specialize in a vast array of drafting or 3D modeling, and use the most up to date CAD software. Our online CAD design is located right here in the good old USA, so you don’t have to worry about using someone who’s not trustworthy or legit.

Drafting Advances

The old style of drafting using a ruler, compass, or other type of hand-held instrument is over. Drafting tables and boards have been replaced by a computer screen and the tools by software. Advancements in computer technology have allowed 3D drawings to be created more accurately and precise. This CAD software is used to design architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, civil drafting, structural drafting, and electrical drafting.

CAD Conversion Companies

To convert 2D to 3D is to take a set of blueprints or other type of 2D drawing and create a 3D model. This is done by using CAD software and inputting the information for dimensions such as width, height, and depth. Our online drafting service can perform design for:

  • Inventions
  • Prototypes
  • Mechanical
  • Architectural
  • Custom 3D Modeling

Our online CAD drafting service can create any 3D model imaginable.

Flexibility of CAD

Every field of design has a CAD program made especially for it. These programs incorporate special features to help assist the designer in accomplishing specific task geared towards that field. The cad files themselves can be used with several types of manufacturing, printed for blueprints and presentations, and used for animations as well. CAD is the future for all technical design work and will remain the standard for years to come. Feel free to browse our blog for more information related to design work, CAD and related topics.

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