Inventors have to accomplish a lot  more than just percieving something that has never been developed.Before their idea even sees the day of light there are several boundaries and obstacles to hurdle. Submitting an Invention for a patent is a lot more work than just communicating what the idea does. There are a lot of very technical areas that need to be addressed and the USPTO is very specific on how they want you to do this. The inventor is going to need to rely on a few other resources to make their invention a reality instead of just a dream. Some of the goals that need to be accomplished include having patent drawings to submit to the USPTO. They also need to submit all the documents and information necessary for the patent clerks to fully understand how the invention operates, looks and how it functions.

Invention Design Services Online

To understand how an Inventor obtains patent drawings first you should be knowledgeable about CAD. CAD or Computer Aided Design is the process of using computer software to develop what are known as 3D CAD Models. These CAD models serve several different purposes and creating the patent drawings is just one. When you look around you at almost any given time you can see something that was developed with the use of CAD. Manually creating products has been replaced with the use of automatic machinery that saves time money, and is extremely precise. CAD can be used to create plastic, metal, wood, carbon fiber, or almost any material you can imagine.

Patent Drawing Services Online

Patent drawing services online can provide an Inventor with the necessary drawings they will need to submit a patent. Most Inventors don’t know this because it’s not their forte, but while the invention is being designed the same CAD file used to make a rapid prototype, and the finalized product can also produce the patent drawings as well. That’s why if you find one service to provide you with all your design needs they should give you some price breaks seeing how your purchasing more than one service. So once you have gotten to the point where you’re going to submit your patent more obstacles still need to be completed. I forgot to mention it, but see if you can find a company that not only does patent designs, and prototyping, but one that can also provide you with a qualified patent agent. There aren’t many of these service out their but if you look really hard and do your research before starting this process, you might just get lucky enough.

Invention Designers

Below is a video which demonstrates how efficient CAD Designers can be with the software. This will help you better grasp what CAD is and how products are actually designed and created within today’s society.

Rapid Prototyping Services Online

Online Prototyping services can deliver a scaled prototype that is every bit of a finalized product, and the only difference in most situations is the process in which it is created. Machines called 3D Printers are the force behind rapid prototyping, and they’re not much different than your ordinary ink printer. What makes these 3D Printers different is the way they build up the material being created. They use a process of layering one pass on top of another until the material being used forms what has been designed within the CAD file. The material used is every bit as strong as one that would come out of an injection mold, which is the process used in mass production.

Invention Marketing Services

Marketing is a very tricky aspect of generating sales especially when dealing with a new product. The majority of people today have no idea how their going to get their product in front of the world to be seen so they normally pursue licensing it.  Licensing  inventions is more or less finding an investor to pick up the pieces financially and selling your product for you. I don’t personally recommend doing this, but sometimes you have to deal with the cards you were dealt. Everyone doesn’t have the money to afford production cost so their basically forced into the position, but another choice an Inventor has is to find a Invention service that can also provide the inventor with a website optimized for search engines in order to promote their product. Personally this is what I would do, considering the amount of people that have access to the product in the world, and the fact that it can be done for such a low price compared to television advertisement. If you have more question on how to save money and headache through the patent process of your invention, you can visit eLine Design’s Inventor Help Blog, and more than likely you will obtain the information your seeking. If not ask someone who works their.

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