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Inventors Resources

Our service is here to help the inventor by providing the lowest prices available and by equipping them with the tools to be successful. Knowledge is power and that’s what we’re providing. Information provided on this page will help you understand which steps to take next with your invention. Ways to save money and things to avoid will also be listed. Thanks for choosing elinedesign as your online resource for invention help.

United States patent and trademark office

USPTO Resources

The United States Patent and Trademark Office provides inventors with all the necessary information to successfully submit a patent application. They cover large amounts of information so we have simply provided you with the most useful links and tools available.

Glossary for intellectual property terminology– This page will provide you with all the vocabulary associated with inventions, trademarks, patents and related areas. It’s organized alphabetically and has a search engine as well.

General FAQs– This page consist of general information that is widely sought after. The amount of useful information here is overwhelming and it’s a good place to start when becoming familiar with the patent process.

Office of Enrollment and Discipline– This is one of the most useful tools that the USPTO offers. This page consist of a database for every registered Patent Agent and Patent Attorney licensed to practice before the USPTO.

Patent Search Tool– This search engine allows you to fully examine every patent within the USPTO’s database. This research should be done by a professional who has experience in this field because if something were overlooked it cost a lot of time and money.

Free Invention Design Software


Autodesk is the world’s leading CAD software company and provides a vast array of different software for every type of technical design imaginable.

Solidworks is a professional 3D modeling software used for designing new products and has a large fan base. This software can design complex 3D models used for the development of new products.

Google Sketchup is a free software tool developed by Google that allows the design of 2d and 3d drawings. Another great design resource online available for free.


Other Resources

Google Patent Search allows visitors to search information regarding patents within Googles vast database of information.


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