CAD Drafting Services

Invention and patent designers can perform several tasks that are required within the patent process. Some of these include creating patent drawings or blueprints to help communicate the inventions look and functionality. Invention design services can also provide 3D CAD models. These 3D models can be used in the manufacturing process to develop rapid prototypes, CNC, or injection molds.

Design Service for Inventions

There is absolutely no reason why more than one CAD design service should be used in order to assist an Inventor throughout the design phase of their invention. Using one designer to provide all of these requirements will allow you to save money as most of them will reduce pricing if you obtain more than one of their services.

Patent Drawings

Patent Drawings or Patent blueprints are used within the patent process to help illustrate key features of an invention to the USPTO. These drawings allow the ones reviewing the patent to get a full understanding of how the invention behaves looks, and the key features within it. Without these important patent drawings it would almost be impossible to fully grasp someone’s intended invention. When a CAD invention designs service creates a 3D model it can be used and manipulated to create these 2D blueprints with computer software. This software can perform many tasks an Inventor will need, and will be something any Inventor needs to get familiar with if they plan on tackling the patent process.

CAD Designers

CAD is the software program that designs the files manufacturers use to develop products for rapid prototypes, CNC, injection molds, and any other type of manufacturing done by machines. CAD is also used in the design field for architecture, civil, electrical, MEP, and with other types of technical drawings. CAD or CADD is the acronym for computer aided design and drafting. Without this unique software it would be impossible for manufacturers to use automated machines when creating new products. CAD is a staple within design and shows no sign of being dominated by any other process within manufacturing.

Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototypes are created from the same CAD file which produces patent drawings and blueprints. This CAD file or 3D model is used in conjunction with a 3D printer to create rapid prototype. 3D printers take the information within the CAD file and use it to perform a process of layering to create the prototype. This unique process is done by laying down one layer upon another of the specified material until the prototype is created. For parts where the material might not be supported properly a filler is used which will eventually be removed. To remove this filler the rapid prototype is laid in a solvent bath where it will be dissolved by the chemicals.

Affordable Inventions

If you decide to take on the experience of the patent process keep in mind that there are ways to save money. First and foremost find an invention design service to fulfill all of your invention design needs. This means everything from the conceptual design, patent drawings, blueprints, up to manufacturing your rapid prototype and injection molds. If you’re thinking of not having a prototype made think again. This very affordable step will allow you to fully review the look and feel of your invention before investing in an injection mold which can be more costly. These invention design services can be found online simply by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Try to save money in every step of the patent process, and in the end it can save you thousands of dollars.

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