Patent Designers

So where do inventors go to have their invention designed?

Designing Inventions

Well, an inventor can find design services online who can assist them with all their needs. The first and most important drawings within the patent process are the patent drawings. These drawings consist of all the information the patent office will need in order to fully understand the inventions idea, purpose, and overall look. Without this crucial information it would be hard for the patent office to grasp a complete understanding of the invention. To obtain patent drawings an Inventor must first have a CAD drafter to produce them.

CAD & Inventions

If Your unfamiliar or unsure what  CAD is exactly, it’s the acronym for computer aided design or computer aided drafting. CAD is the reason we can mass produce products today in ABS plastic, metal, wood, and other materials used within manufacturing. CAD files contain all the information necessary for manufacturing on a large scale. Machines used to manufacture use the information within the files and the information directs the machine how to develop the product.

Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototype companies can produce an inventors prototype with the use of 3D printers. These 3D printers can create any design the CAD file contains using a special process. This process is done by using the prototypes specified material and layering it continuously until the matter built up has formed a prototype. This process doesn’t take long, and most rapid prototypes can be created within a day’s time. The rapid prototype isn’t as expensive as one might think and is something I would highly recommend getting before confronting potential investors. Having a physical working prototype to show someone will allow them to completely comprehend the invention, so before pitching an idea to someone make sure to have one.

Injection Molds

Injection Molds are created to form multiple copies of a product. This mold allows the product to be made at an extremely low cost, and is how companies generate profit. Most Inventors won’t need to worry about having an injection mold created unless they want to take the product to market themselves. In most situations the inventor will sell His or Her idea to a large company and let them manufacturer it. Remember that CAD files are responsible for the creation of patent drawings, rapid prototypes, and injection molds. Since this is the case, try to find one design service to perform all your invention design needs.

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