Drafting Service

We’re known as the Online CAD Drafting Service specializing in Invention Design but now we not only Design Inventions but also produce Rapid Prototypes and Injection Molds. No other Online Invention Design Service offers a one stop solution for all your Inventions Design needs. From Conceptual Invention Design to the Prototype and Manufacturing Inventions process eLine Design has got You covered. Beyond the point of production We also provide reduced prices on our Invention Marketing to help your Patent get in front of those who will need or will be interested in your product. Since We cover every aspect of the Invention Design process and beyond We can affordto bring you the lowest prices on any CAD service you may need.

Rapid Prototyping Service

Rapid Prototyping is simplified today when you take advantage of what eLine Design has to offer. Once We complete your Manufacturing CAD files Design, We immediately bring your design to the next stage without You having to shop around for a reliable prototype Manufacturer. In most cases the prototype can be produced immediately once the CAD file meets the customers satisfaction. So there’s no hesitation or time lost on our part We provide the Rapid Prototyping Estimate immediately after We get your approval of the Inventions Design.

Invention Manufacturing

Inventions can be composed of several different materials which may include metal or any product where CNC machines may be used, plastic based products that use the process of Injection Mold to create limitless copies of the original design. CAD based files can basically produce anything you see manufactured today including clothing. The only thing that can possibly limit CAD is the Inventors imagination. Our Invention CAD Designers are more than capable of producing any type of custom 3D Model You may have in mind. Since We are in the Manufacturing business We can assist You with any type of Invention Manufacturing thrown at us.

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