conceptual design

Very few draftsmen have the ability to design custom 3d models for new products and finding someone to complete the work may seem harder than it actually is. Online services like eLineDesign provide these to inventors via the Internet. Online file transfer has made services like these accessible from home.  Most CAD drafting companies only specialize in Architecture, Civil, MEP, Structural, or some other type of technical drawing recognized by its central focus on design.

Designing inventions

CADD or 3D Modeling is a completely different field as it has no limitations on what can be designed, and everything drafted or 3D Modeled has never been designed before. The Prototype aspect of design is a very important stage in creating an Invention as this is the basis or starting point of any Invention. Companies like specialize in transforming an Inventors Conceptual Design and making it a reality. During the Prototype stage the Invention CAD Designer and Inventors work very closely with one another until the Inventor is satisfied and ready to move on to the manufacturing stage.

CNC CAD Designer

CNC machines have been around for several years now, and are what allows metal to be formed with the information from 3D CAD files. This information is stored in the file when the CNC CAD Designer transforms lines, arcs, and circles into 3D Models. This type of manufacturing has allowed Mechanical Parts, Plastic Molds, Injection Molds, and other types of products to be developed much faster and cheaper than in the past few decades. CAD has allowed Engineers to see past normal obstacles, and to come up with new solutions to older engineering problems.

CAD Invention Designer

There are not too many companies out there who perform the CAD Drafting Services of 3D Invention Design. is one of the largest, most well known and respected Invention Design CAD Drafting Service Online in the US. They offer Free CAD Estimates to all their customers, and work hand in hand throughout the Design process of the Invention or Prototype. In a lot of situations the Inventor isn’t even sure exactly how the engineering will be done or where to start at all. Our Professional CAD Invention Designers assist the Inventor, bring ideas that save money, time, cost of manufacturing, and better functionality to the Invention all together.

Invention & Prototype Design Help

eLine Design specializes in all custom 3D CAD Modeling and works directly with Inventors to achieve the desired design. On their website you can download free software which will allow the customer to view the 3D Model or 3D Models as their being designed in real time. The Prototype stage is very important and is why we take extra special caution while in this stage. We want the Inventor to see exactly what they’ve imagined, but better, more streamline, and more cost effective. If you’re an Inventor and would like one of our Professional Invention Designers to provide an estimate for a job don’t hesitate to fill out our online form located on the right side of our website. A representative will contact you within 24 hours at the latest, and will guide you through the Conceptual Design, Prototype & Invention Design phases.

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