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Invention CAD Drafting

Invention drafting has several aspects which are accounted for throughout the patent process. There are conceptual designs, patent specifications, blueprints, and 3D models which are primary components within patenting an invention. Concept designs are used majorly to illustrate what the invention looks like and functionality. Patent specifications can be also known as blueprints which specify the dimensions as well as other components within the invention design. The last but not least required design is the 3D model or CAD design. This is the file that manufacturers use in CNC, Plastic Mold, and other types of manufacturing to transfer information

Prototype Manufacturing

Once the 3D CAD design is complete We send the files to large machines which can produce a prototype. Types of manufacturing include, plastic, wood, sheet metal, foam, CNC, fiberglass, carbon fiber and just about any other material imaginable. For a simple prototype an injection mold is not necessary. 3D Printers are the most common form of manufacturing machines which create prototypes. This machine simply creates one copy of the CAD file at a time. If you interested in having several thousand copies made injection mold is the only choice. Once the mold is created it may be used over and over to produce products ready to hit the market place.

Patent Designers

Patent Designers have to be able to adjust throughout the design process while working with Inventors. The main reason for this is the constant change inventions go throughout these stages. Inventors are fairly often to change the appearance and other aspects of the patent design which the Patent Designer must be able to accommodate for. The extra time worth taking makes the patent design precisely what the Inventor is looking for. eLine Design for example has Inventors use CAD software which is available for free online to inspect the 3D CAD Models before a prototype is made. The Inventors can review the CAD designs by rotating, zooming in and out, panning, and rendering the 3D models as they please from there own PC at home. This allows our online CAD designers to communicate easily with all customers with personal computers.

Online Invention Designers

Online Invention designing is gaining popularity throughout the online community and 3D CAD Modeling companies that specialize in custom design are booming. There’s no need for a local CAD designer when electronic CAD files can be sent online as an email attachment. This diversified field is gaining recognition within the patent community and designers everywhere have been completing work online with little or no need of any further assistance other than a computer with online access.

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