Invention design with CAD software

Our online Invention CAD Design Service can assist any Inventor from Conceptual Design to Patent Drawings, Invention CAD Designs, Prototypes, Manufacturing Inventions, and even Marketing. Inventors are constantly making the mistake of using more than one company to assist them with their Inventions Design. All of the extra time, money, and headache could be avoided by contacting eLine Design to help them throughout this process. Our Online Invention CAD Designers are professional and there’s no need for further assistance with Your Inventions Design phase.

CAD Designers

To fully understand what a CAD Designer is you must first understand what CAD is. CAD or Computer Aided Design is the process of creating 3D Models with software that is used by computers to create a fully 3D Design. These CAD files can be sent online as an attachment which make them extremely versatile and user-friendly. This is how our Online Invention Designers can transfer information to the Inventor and allow them to review their Invention before the manufacturing or Rapid Prototype process begins. We have all our Inventors use special CAD Software they can download from this site to view these files from the conveyance of their own home.

Invention Design Process

The Invention Design Process starts with the Inventor of course. At first the Inventor has a Conceptual idea of what the Invention will look like as well as the functionality of the Invention. A lot of Inventors aren’t artist so drawing their own Conceptual Invention Design isn’t something they look forward to. Don’t worry because our Invention Designers are good at taking sketches and or verbal descriptions to create exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of simply creating a Conceptual Design We take it further by creating the 3D CAD Model used for Prototype Production. Why go to another company to Manufacture Prototypes? We do that too, and once your ready We can provide you with the Injection Mold, CNC, or other type of Manufacturer You need throughout the Invention Design Process.

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