Services for inventorsThere is an old saying that says “necessity is the mother of invention” and this continues to be true with every new machine, structure, system, or device that is the designed as a result of this need.

If the new invention is truly needed than people will buy it, providing it doesn’t cost too much. Then the question arises if there is a large potential market and can this device be made available at a price that people are willing to pay? If these questions can be answered yes, then the Inventor, Designer, or the Owners of a company may decide to go ahead with developing production and marketing plans for the new invention.

Conceptual Designers

The new machine, structure, system, gadget, or any other type of invention must exist in the mind of the engineer, designer, or inventor before it can become a reality. This original conception of design is usually placed on CAD software and communicated to others by the way of the graphic language. Designing with CAD software is the most common and widely used drafting and design procedure due to the precision and accuracy these programs execute.

Designing Inventions

The Engineer or designer must be able to create 3D Designs, calculate stresses, analyze motions, size the parts, specify the materials and production methods, make the design layouts, and on top of all that supervise the preparation of drawings, specifications and dimensions that will control the details of production assembly and maintenance of the product. The engineer must be able to record and communicate the ideas in mind to his associates and other personnel in a quick and timely manner.

There are quite a few steps through out the design process that must be performed before an Invention hits the shelves at your local store. Once these steps have been completed though the idea turns into a reality and the 3D model transforms into a working and functional invention that is needed by the public and is cost effective to produce. The goal for any Inventor is to produce something useful that man kind will benefit from and to produce it at a price that allows financial gain for the individual Inventor, or for the company producing the invention.

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