Prototype Design

Innovation has always been apart of the American society, and with the introduction of Computer Aided Drafting Design, Inventors have never had it easier. Prototypes can be visualized in 3D before production begins allowing Engineers to thoroughly examine the tiniest areas. Once a design is finalized, the CAD file can be sent directly to the manufacture for production.

CAD Designer

The CAD Designer is very essential to the production of any Invention. Before an Invention or Prototype is designed it is essentially a concept design. A Concept Design is normally an artist rendering. It takes a CAD Designer to give that rendering length, width, height, and depth. Every curve or line has a mathematical expression with dimensions describing it.

CAD Inventor

CAD Software companies have developed programs for designing just about everything. Autodesk, one of the biggest, and most well known has produced Autodesk Inventor. Inventor allows CAD Designers to easily create 3D Models from groups of 2D lines. Once the 3D Model is developed Inventor gives the CAD Drafter access to tools especially made for forming and shaping the 3D Models.

Invention Manufacturing

CAD has simplified the process of manufacturing forever. With new advancements in Injection molds, CNC, and laser cutting the job of Manufacturing products designed with CAD is more simplified. Once the product is designed, it is sent to the manufacturer where it is then plugged in to special programs which follow every dimension on the file precisely. Then the manufacturing begins, and products that were once on a computer screen can be held and touched.

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