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Inventing a great idea seems easier than actually getting it patented to most inventors. The task of submitting a patent is definitely not a pleasurable one, but here’s some information that will make the process less stressful.

Patent Searches

Once the inventor comes to the belief that their idea is going to be profitable and worth worth pursuing, they need to do the research to see whether or not there is a similar product. This this is called a patent search and someone who is trained to properly do the research should be used. In most situations a patent attorney is used, but a patent agent is just as qualified. not only are the agents as qualified they normally do the work for dramatically lower rates. if you’re interested in finding a registered patent agent in your area here is a link to the uspto’s website where they are listed. The search engine they provide will allow you to find a Local Patent Agent or Patent Attorney

Invention CAD Design

Patent Drawings

Patent drawings must be submitted along with all the information describing an invention and its functionality. These patent drawings are very important because they help the patent office understand the inventions look, functionality, and overall appearance. Without these patent drawings it would be hard for the specialist at the patent office to fully understand the Invention in depth. These drawings are a type of blueprint that have to meet specific requirements and guidelines upon submission. A patent and invention design service like us can assist the inventor with this obstacle.

CAD Designers

CAD designers are the drafting specialist of today’s world. These designers use special CAD software which enables them to produce 3D CAD models which include the information to have prototypes and products manufactured. CAD also assist engineers and designers in the following fields:

  • Architectural
  • Mechanical Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • 3D Animating

Rapid Prototypes

Once the Inventor has a CAD file of the invention they can move on to having a prototype made. This process is usually pretty quick and can be done within a day or two. Once the Inventor has made their prototype they will have a physical product which they can hold in their hand, present to investors, or use for research. The prototype can be made before the patent is approved and I would highly recommend having one created as soon as possible. If you’re interested in getting more information about patent drawings, prototyping, or anything related to invention design feel free to contact us by phone or through our contact page

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