Orthographic viewInvention design services can be found online, and may be very useful to inventors pursuing a patent. These online invention design companies can help inventors with several different aspects of their inventions design. The most commonly known to the inventor would be the patent drawings, or patent blueprints. The files that invention designers use in order to design these drawings are also used to create 3D models, renderings, concept designs, rapid prototypes, CNC, and injection molds for mass manufacturing. The easiest way to find an online invention design company is to simply Google for one, or uses another major search engine. Some of these companies only design one aspect of an invention, so if you’re looking for one try to find one that can help you with all aspects of your inventions design. There are a few that will not only design and produce your prototype, but help with branding, logo design, web design, and online marketing. One of these online invention design companies are preferred due to the fact they can take your invention from concept to completion.

CAD Draftsmen

CAD Designers are the actual professional draftsmen who design an invention with CAD software. CAD or CADD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting Design. CAD software is very versatile and allows more than one task to be done with a 3D model. The 3D model is a computer file which contains all the information to make patent drawings, blueprints, prototypes, or even injection molds. These files serve more than one purpose and that’s why it’s important to use a CAD Designer who will not overcharge an inventor a large sum of money for the same design. Communication between an inventor and a CAD designer is normally done by using special CAD software that allows the inventor to view the design from their own PC. Since these companies are mostly online meeting in person is rarely done. The CAD software used to communicate will allow the one viewing it to pull dimensions and get a real in depth look at what’s been designed before a rapid prototype is made. Programs like this use files called DWF’s, and the software that reads DWF files can be found for free online if you know where to look. The CAD design company working with the inventor should direct them in the right direction.

Prototype Services

As previously stated try to find an invention design service that can produce your prototype as well as design it. Rapid prototype companies use special machines for manufacturing called 3D Printers. These technical machines take the information stored within a CAD file and use it like directions for fabrication. 3D printers work by using a special technique of layering to develop rapid prototypes. The layering process is done by placing one layer upon another of the specified material until the product is formed. For areas where there is a hole for example, the 3D printer uses a secondary material which acts as a support. Once the rapid prototype is completed it is then dipped into a solvent bath where the support material dissolves leaving nothing but the desired prototype. The process is rather fast and more affordable than one might think. The pricing for a rapid prototype breaks down to the amount of material used, and the time the machines will actually be creating the product. The complexity of the design is irrelevant so don’t think you can’t afford one. Without taking this step an inventor would have no real feel for how their invention would look and feel once manufactured. Also the rapid prototype allows one to thoroughly examine an invention for defects in design, engineering flaws, and for improvements one might like to make.

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