Prototype Design

Invention design is a very touchy subject, and one that Inventors are not fairly knowledgeable about. Invention Designers produce 3D models or CAD drawings that can produce prototypes, CNC, Sheet metal, Plastic Molds, Injection Molds, and any other type of manufacturing for production.

Invention Designers

CAD Designers can be found online or locally, but when dealing with inventions your best bet is to go online. Most CAD companies only deal within their specific field, so you can’t use just any CAD draftings serviceor 3D modeling company. Engineering fees can be extremely costly too. Make sure that if your invention is already designed, and you don’t feel that any engineering needs to be done that the invention or prototype design company you use doesn’t try to charge you for any additional engineering fees. In some situation you should let the invention design company do the engineering, but in a lot of cases the Inventor has already designed the invention properly.

Prototype Designers

Prototypes are in a lot of cases not understood fully by the inventor. Prototypes are more or less the product of the design before it hit’s the market place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the prototype won’t be completely ready after the first design takes place. All prototype designers should aim for the prototype to be complete in every aspect. They should take into consideration the look, functionality, manufacturing cost, materials used, and overall design stability. The prototype doesn’t have to have any faults if the design is done right the first time. If this idea is followed accurately than the inventor can save a lot of money and time by not having the design done more than once. Every time the inventor has an update to the original CAD design it cost  them more money. We all know inventors can use every extra cent in the beginning stages of their invention also. Lawyer fees, design fees, etc. all cost money and can be overwhelming in the beginning of having an Invention come to life.

Inventor Design Help

The US has several resources for invention help. Invention design and prototype design help can be more hard to come by. Patent attorneys love to charge their clients thousands of dollars to use a CAD designer of their choice, which in more cases than one have some kind of deal already set up so the lawyer benefits. Going online is your best bet for Invention design help. There are several  invention groups on Linkedin that provide inventors insight to the process of having an invention created from start to scratch. You can also view forums for inventors which will specifically allow you to ask questions pertaining to invention and prototype creation. The internet is updated every second, so more than likely you can get any answer your looking for summarized by someone else who has already been where your going. The best website I’ve been able to find personally for Invention designing is eLine Design. They provide free estimates, and will help assist you through your inventions design phase.

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