CAD software for Design

Every Inventor must deal with having their invention designed if they pursue having a patent made through the USPTO. The design is one, and if not the most important aspect of the patent as it helps communicate the inventions look and functionality to the ones reviewing the patent.

Help for Designing Inventions

So you may ask yourself how does an invention get designed? Don’t feel stupid because more than half the people out there in the world have no idea. When any type of manufacturing is done now it has to be created with machines that direct tools how to operate. CAD files are the instructions to these tools for manufacturing and if you’re planning on having an invention made you should definitely familiarize yourself with it. The more that you know about CAD and what these files are capable of the better off you’re going to be throughout the patent process.

CAD Invention Designers

CAD Invention Designers can be found online by simply searching Google or any other major search engine. These online invention designers can help inventors with patent drawings or blueprints, conceptual designs, 3D modeling, renderings, prototyping, rapid-prototypes, or even creating injection molds for large scale manufacturing. Most inventors don’t realize that they can use one single service to provide all of their invention design needs. In a lot of situations the inventor will go to several different companies to obtain all the necessary design requirements of a patent. This is where they go wrong, and if they research enough they can find one invention design service in order to save money throughout this entire process. Normally a service like this will reduce pricing due to the fact the inventor is obtaining more than one service.

CAD Designs

So what is CAD exactly? Well CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting. A professional CAD Designer uses this CAD software to develop 3D models on a computer which can achieve the majority of the goals an inventor will need to complete a patent successfully. The same CAD file that is used to create a conceptual design can also be used for the patent blueprints or drawings, prototyping, rapid-prototypes, and injection molds for mass manufacturing. That’s why it’s important to find one invention designer to knock out all your design tasks. The less time spent, and less invention design companies an inventor deals with the more money they will save in the end.


Rapid Prototypes are developed with a CAD file and a 3D Printer. 3D Printers are machines that create prototypes with a process of layering. This technique 3D Printers use is done by laying down one layer upon another until the specified material is built up to form the prototype. In areas where there might be a gap or the prototype may be structurally weak another material is placed that once complete dissolves in a solvent bath. It is a good idea for any inventor to have a prototype made before moving on to mass production. The cost is extremely affordable and the same company that designs your invention should be able to produce your rapid prototype.

Injection Molds

Just like the rapid prototype injection molds are created from the CAD file. Once an inventor has finalized his or her design they should be ready to produce several thousand of their product and introduce it to their market. This process is more costly than creating a prototype, but is the choice for any inventor ready to turn revenue from their idea. Normally this is the last step in which any  design work is needed, and the journey of creating a patent has already been accomplished. Just try to remember that one invention design service can help you go from concept to completion with fewer steps, headache, and money out of your pocket.

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