CNC Design Services

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is where CAD Designs are used to direct specialized drills to develop products in wood, plastic, rubbers, metal and other materials. These machines are precise and can develop parts with extreme accuracy.

CNC is  one of several different types of manufacturing that CAD files can direct. Some other tools that can be instructed in this way include lasers, lathes, mills, routers and 3D printers.

CAD Conversion

CAD Conversion is the process of taking 2D Blueprints, Sketches, or other 2D Drawings and transforming them into 3D Models. Our CAD Draftsman specialize in this field which allows us to help the process of manufacturing for any business or Inventor.

eLine Design uses CAD Software to produce all of their 3d models. CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Drafting is the standard way that design is performed for manufacturing. Each specific type of manufacturing requires a unique CAD file for that designated machine. Generally the way in which the design is created remains the same. One design could be used for several types of manufacturing as well as for different materials. Ultimately the file would have to be saved in different formats to accomplish this.

If you’re interested in what our company can do for your design and manufacturing needs, contact us anytime. Our design service provides estimates to all of our visitors free of charge.

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