Designing prototypes with CAD

When an Inventor decides to tackle the process of submitting a patent they must endeavor several different design obstacles where CAD or 3D Modeling comes into play. Before a Prototype can be designed and created first there must be a conceptual design established. A concept design is essentially an idea or visual representation through the use of some type of image or drawing provided by the Inventor. This allows the Prototype designer to better understand how to create the CAD model which will be used to create a rapid prototype or invention design.

Invention Designers

Invention designers specialize in using CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting and Design. This complex 3D Modeling software allows Invention Designers to produce the CAD files necessary to produce Concept Design, Patent Drawings, Rapid Prototypes, Injection Molds, CNC, Plastic Molds, and other types of Invention Design from 3D CAD Services. Invention Design Services can be found online by simply searching for query’s such as Invention Designer, or Prototype Designers. Make sure you use a 3D Modeling Service who can provide you with all the Invention Design needs you may need throughout the Patent process as well as covering your manufacturing needs. Keep in mind that the same CAD model or file used in producing patent drawings can also be manipulated to produce a rapid prototype or injection mold. With this said You can save time and money if you invest your time wisely researching Invention Designers Online.

CAD Designers

3D CAD Services

3D CAD Services normally only specialize in one type of design such as architecture, mechanical, civil, electrical, or structural. Invention Design is a specialty most Invention Design Services don’t include in their normal day to day operations and should be left strictly to professionals. Invention Design Services such as eLine Design use a process of communication with the assistance of CAD software that allows the Inventor to visually see the 3D model designed from their own PC. When an Inventor has a vision of their Inventions appearance it’s critical that is transferred into the design correctly. In the marketing aspect of Invention Designing visual appearance is extremely important and what makes or breaks the inventions appeal to the targeted market.

Prototype Design

Prototype Design can be done for much cheaper and with less confusion if the proper steps are taken from the beginning. The USPTO doesn’t provide much assistance in laying out the steps to having an Inventors Design created into a prototype or rapid prototype. Keep in mind that one CAD Drafting Service should be able to provide you with all the design needs throughout the patent process which includes concept designing, patent drawings, patent blueprints, prototype design, 3D CAD modeling, invention design, & any other type of Invention Manufacturing an Inventor may need.

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