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Patent Designers

One of the largest obstacles to overcome throughout the patent process is the Patent Design or 3D CAD Model. Patents require some type of technical drawing to help illustrate the inventions look and functionality. If the Inventor uses a CAD designer to produce these drawings the process from design to manufacturing can be simplified. One advantage to using one of these CAD drafting services is that the files they create can not only produce patent blueprints but also the manufacturing file which CNC, Plastic Mold, and other types of manufacturers use to produce the actual prototype.

Prototype Designers

With the 3D CAD models created from an Invention Designer a Prototype can be made. In most situations these Prototypes can be made relatively cheap and allow the Inventor to physically see, feel, and review their design before they go to the production stage. It’s always a safe bet to have a prototype made before you invest thousands of dollars on a mold or other type of manufacturing process. When Inventors think of having a prototype produced most believe it will cost an arm and a leg, but if they have it done with a reliable invention designer, or prototype designer found online it can be much more affordable than expected.

Prototype Design Service

The ability to produce 3D CAD files let’s our Prototype Design Service create Prototypes once the files are completed. In most situations they can be done the same day the 3D Designer has completed the CAD file or files. At this point a CAD Estimate can be provided to the Inventor due to the fact the CAD file is complete. Without the file a CAD Estimate cannot be given because the  information for cost is based on the time the machine producing the Prototype takes to make it. This will be true with any Prototype Manufacturer found so make sure you have the proper files before you move into the prototype stage of your Invention.

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