Technical drawings

Drafting is the skill of transforming 2D lines into architecture, mechanical and other technical drawings into a part maybe for a car. Years ago people would use drafting tables or drafting boards to draw 2D blueprints. These were the first true draftsmen who’s task was much harder and time consuming than nowadays with our technology and CAD or Computer Aided Drafting.

CAD Drafters

In today’s fast paced world with technology moving faster than we can keep up, computers have had software developed to take on the task of the drafter and make it much easier. CAD also known as Computer Aided Drafting Design has made life much easier on the youth today. This CAD software can be specifically designed for whatever field the draftsmen may be in whether architecture, civil, or mechanical.

CAD Software

This specially designed drafting software incorporates tools for the specific work ahead. For instance, there are architectural CAD software programs that design walls, doors, windows, and several other things, three dimensional instead of having to insert the dimensions yourself. Talk about a time saver, and on top of that you can perform commands like adjusting the roofs slope with the touch of a button.
The drafter has definitely changed over the years from the drafting table to the new technology of CAD software. The basic rules of drafting are still in place no matter how you look at it. The Engineering must be designed correctly, and the blueprints must be spotless in order to achieve the desired design. The drafter will always have a place in this world and be depended on by countless people for performing the necessary task of design.

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