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eLine Design offers 3D Modeling Services online at a fraction of the cost of most CAD Drafting Companies. 3D Modeling is the process of taking 2D lines with dimensions on a set of Blueprints and transferring the information to computers with the use of CAD software. CAD or CADD is the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting or Computer Aided Drafting Design. These software programs are designed for several different jobs.

Online CAD Designer

Being an Online CAD Designer has several benefits and allows our CAD Drafting Service to save our customers money. Since CAD files can be sent online the cost of shipping is eliminated from our budget, and therefore saves you money. Transferring these files online allows us to send completed 3D drawings to the customers local printing shop where they can pick it up at there convenience. Since our Online CAD Company is not restricted to a local community, our clientele is larger, and  allows for reduced prices. Our CAD Company services the entire world through an online presence, and separates us form Local CAD Services.

CAD Conversion

CAD Conversion is the process where CAD Drafters Convert 2D to 3D. This means taking 2D Blueprints and converting it to a 3D Model which can be used for CNC, or other types of manufacturing. Our CAD Designers can also take one type of file designed with CAD software and convert it to another type of file preferred by our customers. No matter what type of CAD file you or your company may need, we can assist you with it.


CAD can be used to design anything from Architecture, Civil Drafting, Mechanical Drafting, and be used to produce Inventions, Prototypes, Blueprints, Concept Designs, Mechanical Designs and more. For every design field there is a CAD program designed specifically for it. We use a wide array of CAD software programs to make sure we provide out customers with the most advanced designs available. We use separate programs for Architectural Drafting, Mechanical Designs, Civil Designs, Inventions, and 2D Blueprints.

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