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So what is a CAD designer you may ask? Well, CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Drafting is performed by a CAD designer. This is the man or woman who takes 2D blueprints, and converts it into a 3D model with CAD software. It takes someone who has been educated in the field of drafting to handle this task, and CAD drafting services can provide you with these individuals.

CAD Conversion

CAD conversion is the process where the 2D lines are translated into the 3D realm. On a set of blueprints you normally draw on the X and Y axis. When 3D modeling you have an extra axis known as the Z axis which represents depth. If you have all three axis, and the dimensions that correlate with each, you can create a 3D model. These 3D models can be used for designing anything from architecture, to civil, or even mechanical parts for say a prototype.
CAD designers have been to school to learn the tools and knowledge necessary to operate CAD software.

Online CAD Designers

There are CAD drafting companies online that can provide individuals with the right CAD designer to fulfill their design needs. Whether it’s a concept design, architecture, mechanical, or a prototype for an invention, CAD designers can help you out. The days of using drafting tables and drafting boards are over. This is because computer software in the drafting field has advanced, and made designs more accurate and precise. The CAD designer won’t be replaced anytime soon, and you can bet that the software they use will get more user friendly. If you would like to learn more about CAD or CAD drafting services please visit eLine Design

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