CAD software for Design

There are several advantages to Computer Aided Drafting(CAD) compared to traditional methods of drafting. Editing can be done anytime & the files can be sent electronically through the internet. Also the CAD files can be used with machines that manufacture products such as:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Wood
  • Sheet Metal

Design Improvements

This new software has enabled drawings to be completed in less than half the time they once did. There are several tools that allow 3D commands to be executed quickly & with precision. Rendering that would take days or even weeks depending on the complexity have been reduced down to seconds. This computer software allows the job of drafting to be done with lightning fast speed that’s precise.

When Drafting was done on paper a pencil was used to draw the lines and  mistakes required an eraser which is messy. With CAD all you have to do is enter the dimensions and if a mistake is made you can edit it anytime. You can see by these examples how much time and effort is saved using this new Computer Software.

3D Modeling

New 3D features incorporated within these software programs allow for extremely quick and accurate modeling. These programs have tools for different procedures such as extruding, hollowing, subtracting, creating fillets, revolving features, and much more. With these features included in CAD, the time it takes to create 3D objects is uncanny.

Drafting hasn’t changed much over the years, we still use the same numbers, letters and symbols to describe features. The way we develop these drawings will never be the same though. All the new tools available on CAD have dramatically increased the precision and time it takes to design whether 2D or 3D. Inventions, Prototypes & other products can be designed with this software and it’s ability to tame complex design advances with every new update to the software.

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