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About Us

We provide our inventors with all the help and resources they need in order to submit their patent and idea to the USPTO with no problems. We assist them in finding affordable patent agents and point them in the right direction to ensure they have all the necessary information and resources for a successful patent submission. We provide links to important websites and our Blog is full of useful information about patents, design, CAD, prototyping and other invention related topics.

  • Who-We’re a team of designers, engineers and professionals who are experienced in design for inventions. We use our combined skills to help inventors with every aspect of their invention from concept to completion.
  • Where-Our services are based online to provide inventors everywhere the same opportunity to receive quality service at a reason price. The internet provides the ability to help inventors anywhere and to expand our customer base.
  • Why- Because we feel inventors deserve a professional and affordable service. Similar patent services charge outrageous fees before the work begins, but we provide our customers with free estimates at no cost!

Conceptual Designers

Having the idea is the first step towards a great invention but it takes more than that to become a reality. The Conceptual design allows the idea to take shape with functionality and appearance. This design lays the foundation for the invention and will later be modified to create a more finalized version for manufacturing.

Patent Drawings

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has specific requirements for a patents submission. One of the most important requirements are the patent drawings. These detailed technical drawings communicate the inventions overall look, functionality and proposed claims.

Custom 3D CAD Modeling

Our company incorporates several different design services in one to completely cover every aspect of your patents submission. We provide CAD based services which enable us to provide patent drawings, conceptual designs, custom 3D modeling & prototyping.

Prototype Services

Our company provides it’s inventors with the full 360° of service to help make their idea into a reality by providing affordable prototypes. We have the ability to create prototypes within a days period of time to allow them to fully examine the design. We can produce these rapid prototypes in a vast array of materials and customize them to your specifications.

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