3D Modeling

Drafting has come a long way from blueprints into the new world of 3D Modeling where files can be updated almost instantly, and sent online through email. CAD designers can create computer files with CAD software which can be read by manufacturing machines to produce products. The 3D CAD designer is the one who actually materializes the 3D model. CAD drafting services offer a wide array of services to the public also.


With the new advancements in technology recently, almost every type of technical drawing is done with the use of computers. Blueprints are still used in the field, and for other reasons, but all the drawings are done on a computer. In the past if an update needed to be made to the blueprints the draftsmen would have to either erase, or start all over. With CAD though, the draftsmen will simply open the file, and make the necessary changes. Another great feature is that the file can be saved to your computer, some type of external hard drive, or online. Just make sure its somewhere safe.

CAD Designers

The person behind the scenes of 3D modeling is the CAD designer. They use special CAD software to create the 3D models. Within the software the developers have incorporated tools for creating lines, circles, arcs, and other 2D related objects. Also this software has commands for sculpting, cutting, revolving, mirroring, and other 3D tools. Also the software has the ability to render images with color, texture, lighting, and backgrounds. With all of this at the CAD designers disposal, anything imagined can be designed.

Types of CAD Drafting

Drafting encompasses many different practices and principles within it. There is mechanical drafting, architecture drafting, civil drafting, electrical drafting, structural drafting, drafting for plumbing, 3D modeling, and drafting for just about anything you can imagine. CAD software has designed programs for each one of these fields and has made special accommodations for each. For example, within architectural programs there is a command for creating walls, doors, roofs, slabs, and other architectural features. This allows the CAD drafter to work much faster, and be more efficient within drawing.

3D Models

3D models have allowed the design process to be done more accurately and efficiently than in the past.  Drafting has had many changes over the years, and updates to CAD software are made routinely.  These new type of blueprint are much more flexible and allow for changes to be made at a moments notice. Once a design is complete it can go directly to the manufacture to be developed. CAD is used with everything from architecture to inventions and is the main tool used in any type of technical drawing. This technology allows engineers to examine work before production, and has made life on the general public more safe.

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