2D to 3D CAD Conversion

To understand what a paper to CAD conversion is you must first understand what CAD is. These three letters represent Computer Aided Design or Drafting. In the past technical drawing or drafting was done with several different instruments that would perform task like measuring, creating arcs, circles, and creating radius. Now we use CAD to handle all of this work because of the precision, accuracy, and general ease of design it allows.

2D Blueprints

Prior to CAD architectural, mechanical, civil and other technical drawings would be drawn by hand on sets of blueprints. These blueprints entail all the necessary information to correctly design the intended project. A correct set of blueprints should contain all the necessary views along with a orthographic view which gives the object depth and a sense of reality. Special notes are also part of the blueprint and provide information that could not normally be seen to the one reading it.

CAD Conversion

CAD designs have several advantages over blueprints. One of these is the ability to make changes anytime throughout the design process. This helps if a mistake is made, or the design changes for something like tolerance or the size of a screw. When a Draftsmen works with paper or blueprints they have to use an eraser to correct any mistakes. There are a number of reasons why companies are throwing out blueprints and investing in updated CAD files. Paper to CAD conversion will remain to be a part of the drafters duties well into the future. Until every design is updated and no old drawings rremai, you can count on draftsman converting blueprints.

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