Invention Blueprints

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Patent drawings are one of the most important and key features required from the USPTO while an Inventor files for a patent. These invention blueprints, or patent drawings consist of dimensions, views, and other information to help relate not only the inventions look, but also its functionality. CAD is the tool in most cases that is used in order to design patents. Any Inventor should definitely familiarize themselves with CAD because it is a staple within any type of design now a days, and especially within Inventions and prototype design.


CAD Designers

Invention designers or CAD designers are the ones who actually manipulate CAD software into creating something known as a 3D model. 3D models are used for several different things, and invention blueprints as well as patent drawings are just a few. These complex design files hold all the necessary information to instruct machines that manufacturer rapid prototypes and inventions how to operate. These CAD files are extremely diversified in the sense that one 3D model can perform several task. In the end if an Inventor chooses the right Invention Designer this fact will permit them to save money by purchasing more than one service from the invention design company.

3D Modeling Services

The majority of 3D modeling services perform only certain types of design in which inventions and prototypes are not usually within. 3D modeling services will generally only perform design task such as architectural work, mechanical, electrical, or some specialty field. If you’re interested in finding a CAD design service who specializes in invention design, your best bet would be to search online. Invention design services are out there, but if you’re not careful it’s easy to get mixed up with the wrong one who can turn your patent mission into a complete nightmare.

CAD Prototype

So within the first steps an Inventor takes they are normally notified that they will need a CAD Prototype. Unless an Inventor creates the prototype from hand a CAD file will surely be needed. In all reality when someone thinks of the word prototype they normally associate a high dollar amount for cost with it. Really this is the furthest thing from the truth if you can find an honest invetion design service or rapid prototype service to perform your needs. Really an Inventor should try and look for one service to not only design the prototype, but also make the prototype. If found this service should produce reduced cost to the Inventor since they are purchasing more than one service from them.

Inventions, Rapid Prototypes & CAD Designers

Invention Designing


So where do Inventors go to have their Invention designed? Well, an Inventor can find Invention Design Services online who can assist them with all their needs. The first
and most important drawings within the patent process are the patent drawings. These drawings consist of all the information the patent office will need in order to fully understand the inventions idea, purpose, and overall look. Without this crucial information it would be hard for the patent office to grasp a complete understanding of the Invention. To obtain patent drawings an Inventor must first have a CAD Design to produce them.

CAD Invention Designs

CAD Invention Designers

If Your unfamiliar or unsure what  CAD is exactly, it’s the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting. CAD is the whole reason We can produce products today in ABS plastic, metal, wood, and any other material used within manufacturing. CAD files created from CAD Designers contain all the information necessary for manufacturing, CNC, rapid prototyping, and for creating injection molds. Manufacturing Machines take the information within the files and from there the CAD file directs the machine how to operate.

Rapid Prototype Services

Rapid Prototype Companies can produce an Inventors prototype with the use of 3D Printers. These 3D Printers can create any design the CAD file contains using a special process. This process is done by using the prototypes specified material and layering it continuously until the matter built up has formed a prototype. This process doesn’t take long, and most rapid prototypes can be created within a day’s time. The rapid prototype isn’t as expensive as one might think and is something I would highly recommend in getting before confronting potential investors. Having a physical working prototype to show someone will allow them to completely comprehend Your Invention, so before pitching Your idea to someone make sure and have one.

Injection Molds

Injection Molds are created to form multiple copies of a products design. This mold allows the product to be made at an extremely low cost, and is how companies generate profit. Most Inventors won’t need to worry about having an injection mold created unless they of course want to take the product to market themselves. In most situations the Inventor will sell His or Her idea to a large company and let them manufacturer it. Remember that CAD files are responsible for the creation of patent blueprints, drawings, rapid prototypes, and injection molds. For this reason find one Invention Designer to perform all Your invention design needs.


Invention Designers

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Inventors have enough to face with just coming up with an idea that has not only been developed but creating one that has an appeal to its customers from what it does. Once an Inventor reaches this point it’s time for him or her to move onto the patent process which is a whole ordeal itself. First they must research their invention to see if anyone else has something similar in nature and functionality. This is called a “Patent Search” and several invention companies provide these services to the Inventor. If they get the heads up the next step in the patent process is to provide patent drawings. This can be done by a professional drafting service and many can be found online. Before a prototype can be made first the Inventor must have a CAD file created. As before these CAD Designers can be found online and produce a computer file which can be read by plastic injection, and CNC machines. These are the two most common way of manufacturing today.

Invention CAD Design

Patent Drawings

Patent drawings are the drawings that must be submitted along with all the information describing an invention and its functionality. These patent drawings are very important due to the fact they help the patent office understand the inventions look, functionality, and overall appearance. Without these patent drawings it would be hard for the specialist at the patent office to fully understand the Inventors Invention in full. These drawings can be considered a type of blueprint more or less and can be created at most invention assistant services. It’s always a good idea to try and use your Invention Designer as the one who performs your patent drawings so that way you will be able to save time and money throughout your invention venture.

Invention CAD Designers

CAD designers are the new drafting specialist of today’s world. These designers use special CAD software which enables them to produce 2D and 3D CAD models which incorporate all the necessary information to have prototypes and more made. CAD or Computer Aided Design is just an overall term which can be used with many different specialties. Don’t think just any CAD designer will be able to perform the designs necessary for an invention design. Most CAD services only specialize in Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, or other fields of design. To find a invention design service who can provide invention and prototype design your best bet is to search online.

Rapid Prototypes

Once the Inventor has a CAD file of their invention they can move on to having a prototype made. This process is usually pretty quick and can be done within a day or two of time. Once the Inventor has made their prototype they will have a physical model which they can hold in their hand, present to investors, or use alongside with the information in their patent. The prototype can be made before the patent is done and helps secure the rightful Inventor to Invention. There are companies which can be found online which assist Inventors with all the processes named above, and in most cases will provide a discounted price if you get all the work done there.

Design Inspiration For Inventors

Invention Design Help

It might seem easy but becoming an Inventor is a lot harder than You might think. Coming up with an idea that’s cost effective, never been designed, and has a large market is quite an obstacle itself. Then there is the Patent process. Unless You went to Law School the entire ordeal might be a little confusing. With all those overcome the Inventor still has to get their idea designed. So how do You find an Invention Designer? How much do they cost? And what about the Prototype? Having an Invention designed can be a breeze or a nightmare depending on how You approach the task.

CAD Design


CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design and is the only way to get plastic molds, CNC, or any other type of manufacturing machine to develop products. The files that CAD Designers create are uploaded to the machines and tell them how to operate while manufacturing. Most Inventors don’t realize that these CAD files are extremely versatile and that to have a set of Patent Drawings created once the 3D model is complete is only a short process.

Invention Design Services

Most Inventors will go to two or three design companies before the patent process is over which waste time and money. In most situations where Inventions are involved the Inventor has an initial concept or conceptual design drawn on paper. These will become the Patent Drawings in the form of 2D Blueprints or other technical drawings. Some Invention & Prototype Design Companies will  only perform the Conceptual Design, or the Patent Drawings, and make You go somewhere else for the CAD 3D Modeling files. Don’t do it! Wait until You find a designer who is going to do all three. This is a mistake Inventors make every day and You don’t have to fall victim to the Design Services for Inventions.

Rapid Prototyping

So what exactly is a Rapid Prototype? Well a Rapid Prototype is a physical model created from a machine that makes one part at a time. I know it sounds expensive but in most situations the Inventor won’t spend over five hundred dollars on a rapid prototype, and they can be created within a day. As soon as the CAD file is complete the prototype machines can go to work and produce a part that matches the Inventions design perfectly. This will allow the Invention to be reviewed thoroughly before investing in an Injection Mold.  For the majority of Inventors this is the end of the road for Invention Design investments. The prototype is sufficient for demonstrating functionality of the Invention,  and is used for snagging potential investors.

Injection Molds

If You are one of those individuals who is going to bring their Invention to market themselves You should read this. After You’ve finalized Your Inventions Design and are happy with the results Your going to need an Injection Mold created. If You know what You’re doing and have used a Professional Invention Design Service, than more than likely they can lead You to an affordable mold manufacturer who is reliable. Once Your mold is created it can be used over and over to create Your parts for extremely low cost. If You can manage to find one design company to assist You from Your Inventions birth throughout the patent process You should have no problems and be safely on Your way to becoming a successful Inventor.

CAD Patent Designers

Patent Designers

One of the largest obstacles to overcome throughout the patent process is the Patent Design or 3D CAD Model. Patents require some type of technical drawing to help illustrate the inventions look and functionality. If the Inventor uses a CAD designer to produce these drawings the process from design to manufacturing can be simplified. One advantage to using one of these CAD drafting services is that the files they create can not only produce patent blueprints but also the manufacturing file which CNC, Plastic Mold, and other types of manufacturers use to produce the actual prototype.

Prototype Designers

With the 3D CAD models created from an Invention Designer a Prototype can be made. In most situations these Prototypes can be made relatively cheap and allow the Inventor to physically see, feel, and review their design before they go to the production stage. It’s always a safe bet to have a prototype made before you invest thousands of dollars on a mold or other type of manufacturing process. When Inventors think of having a prototype produced most believe it will cost an arm and a leg, but if they have it done with a reliable invention designer, or prototype designer found online it can be much more affordable than expected.

Prototype Design Service

The ability to produce 3D CAD files let’s our Prototype Design Service create Prototypes once the files are completed. In most situations they can be done the same day the 3D Designer has completed the CAD file or files. At this point a CAD Estimate can be provided to the Inventor due to the fact the CAD file is complete. Without the file a CAD Estimate cannot be given because the  information for cost is based on the time the machine producing the Prototype takes to make it. This will be true with any Prototype Manufacturer found so make sure you have the proper files before you move into the prototype stage of your Invention.

CAD Invention Designer

Invention Drafting Services

Invention CAD Designers & Invention Drafting Services specialize in creating prototypes for Inventors in need of a CAD Drafting Service. Once an Inventor has created a conceptual design, and is ready to move on to the prototype, a CAD designer is needed to produce CAD files which can be read by special manufacturing machines for such things as: plastic molds, CNC, injection molding, mechanical parts, and other types of mass production. These invention designers can be found online, but trying to find one locally can be sort of frustrating. Drafting services in general usually just specialize in architecture, mechanical, civil, electrical, structural, or some other type of technical drawing. Invention design CAD Services are definitely unique, but they can be the Inventor’s best friend when it comes to designing an invention or prototype.

Invention Designer

Invention and Prototype designers stand out from the average CAD designer due to the fact they specialize in several different fields of engineering and design. When working with inventions the CAD designer has to be particularly diversified, and be able to overcome any obstacles that might come in their way. Inventors in most situations don’t know where to turn when they need an invention designed, but the internet is probably the best resource to find a professional CAD drafting service who can assist the inventor throughout the design process. The Invention and prototype design companies or 3D modeling companies aren’t easy to find locally so your best bet is to Google CAD drafting services, invention designers, or prototype designers.

Injection Mold Designers

Injection molded parts are used for just about anything today. From the keyboard your using right now to the computer screen or even the mouse was manufactured through injection molds. 3D Modeling services generate 3D models with special CAD software which enables the files to be read by injection molding machines, and in turn the machines create the injection molds to the exact specifications mentioned within the files. CAD files are very diversified and flexible to work with. First of all they can be sent online as an email attachment. How hard is that to accomplish? Secondly the files can be copied, updated, and edited at any point within the design process. These files have one more advantage over the old style of blueprint. These file can be read by several different types of CAD drafting software. This allows CAD Designers who use different software to still work on the same drawing with the same specifications. Not all CAD files are universal, but the majorities are.