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CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting or Computer Aided Drafting Design. It is the fundamental way that Draftsmen perform their jobs & is how we here at eLineDesign develop our Inventions & Prototypes. 3D Models are created with CAD software which inturn allows 3D Printers and other manufacturing machines to create prototypes, molds, CNC and any other form of manufacturing available today.


3D Models


3D Modeling

Once we receive your Design information we begin work immediately. We take the data from your 2D Design and we input it into software programs to develop your 3D Design.CAD software allows us to render the 3D models with different materials, textures, shading, and contrast in light. We use the most up to date cad software to ensure your design is developed correctly whether it be for Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, or Civil Engineering.

CAD Drafting

 Today's technology and the use of CAD software allows draftsmen to perform many more task than prior to the creation of CAD. This technology has permitted more complex jobs to be done at a faster rate, with more precision & all around more efficient than anytime before.  We use CAD for the developing of inventions, conceptual designs, and for all the fields of drafting due to it's diversity and flexibility.

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