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3D Modeling Services

Invention Designers

3D Modeling Services can do so much for an Inventor who is goingPrototype Design Services through the patent process. Invention Designers have the ability to execute so many aspects of the patent with the use of invention design software known as CAD. Not only is CAD a staple within invention designing, but also in every other type of manufacturing whether it's architecture, mechanical, civil, electrical, or structural. CAD design services normally only specialize in one of these design fields, and very few actually will design inventions for Inventors. You may ask yourself why, but there's actually a real good reason for this. So what is it? It's the fact that most CAD designers aren't skilled enough to design the complex curvature, and other aspects of an Inventions design.

Concept Invention Designers

So what is a concept invention design? A concept design, also known as a conceptual design is the starting point for any Invention, and is more or less just an idea that may be proposed by simple sketches on paper. Going from concept to completion is another story though, and takes a lot more than just ideas to make happen. Once the concept design is established, engineering, design, and a large amount of skill go into actually having a prototype made. It's alot more than most people might think of before they take the challenge of becoming an Inventor.


Prototype Designers

So once a design is established where exactly does the Prototype come from? Well, it's simple. The prototype comes from the same CAD design used for patent blueprints, or the conceptual design. CAD files are composed up of information to help communicate the visual appearance on a computer, and the necessary information to guide machines that manufacture injection molds, CNC, plastics, mechanical parts, or any material within manufacturing imaginable. These CAD files are what makes manufacturing today available. Without CAD we would be set back so far that it would seem like the stone age. Personally, I don't know how we would get a long without assembly lines & robotic manufacturing.

3D CAD Services

3D CAD services can be an Inventors worst nightmare, or their best friend depending on how everything's managed. Really one Invention Design Service should have the ability to perform every aspect an Inventor needs throughout the patents process. Inventors should go online and research Invention designers until they find the one who can assist them with all their invention needs at a reduced price for purchasing more than one of the companies professional services. Don't settle for the first numbers thrown your way from one of these services. Instead diligently study, and compare pricing until you find that service who isn't out to just rip you off.

Prototype Design

Invention DesignersInvention Designing

Inventions are thought of as something that's more or less a forbidden thing that only the geniuses of the world get to touch or be a part of. In reality it couldn't be any further from the truth. So who makes out to be the best Inventors when all is said and done? Well, it's the quickest one to the idea that no one has decided to put their time, resources, and mostly confidence in. So let's say you've got this great idea, but where do you go now? You have no expertise in design, prototypes, engineering, manufacturing, and definitely not marketing. So where can you go without spending a life savings or two? Online, that's where. There might not be many invention design services out there who can handle all an Inventors needs for a reasonable price, but their most assuredly there if you look hard enough.

CAD Prototypes

So the first step when going from an idea to actually having it developed is to secure some type of design. In most situations it's simply something sketched out on paper by the inventor, or if they went one step further actually creating a handmade prototype. Handmade prototypes are more rare, but they do show up from time to time depending on the invention and the materials made available to the Inventor. So where do you go from here you might ask. Well, the next step in the patent process, and onto having a real invention is to have professional patent drawings created from a CAD Drafting Service who specializes in invention design. These online invention designers can not only create your patent drawings from CAD, but also your rapid prototype, and finally the completed inventions design. CAD is a very versatile software that allows several aspects of the Invention design process to be completed.

3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Services are an Inventors best, or worst friend throughout having an Invention Designed. If you choose a service who charges for every little aspect of the patent process you could have a hefty bill before you get done, if you ever do. Any Inventor should try and find a 3D Modeling Service who deals specifically with Inventions, Prototypes, Patent Drawings, Injection Molds, and one that may even have Patent Agents there to submit all the legal documents for the patent. These invention services should provide any Inventor with a reduced price if there purchasing more than just one service from the invention design company. Really, you shouldn't settle for less. My advice is to go online and Google "Invention Designers" until you find one that can satisfy all your patent and design needs for a reasonable price. With all that said, happy inventing!

Invention Designers

Invention designs should be carried out by professional invention designers who specialize in CAD, Prototypes, patent drawings, blueprints, 3D modeling, and even types of manufacturing. Invention design services can be found online who help Inventors with their patent, as well as being a great Inventor resource by fulfilling their Invention Design needs.

Invention Blueprints

Patent DrawingsCAD Services

Patent drawings are one of the most important and key features required from the USPTO while an Inventor files for a patent. These invention blueprints, or patent drawings consist of dimensions, views, and other information to help relate not only the inventions look, but also its functionality. CAD is the tool in most cases that is used in order to design patents. Any Inventor should definitely familiarize themselves with CAD because it is a staple within any type of design now a days, and especially within Inventions and prototype design.


CAD Designers

Invention designers or CAD designers are the ones who actually manipulate CAD software into creating something known as a 3D model. 3D models are used for several different things, and invention blueprints as well as patent drawings are just a few. These complex design files hold all the necessary information to instruct machines that manufacturer rapid prototypes and inventions how to operate. These CAD files are extremely diversified in the sense that one 3D model can perform several task. In the end if an Inventor chooses the right Invention Designer this fact will permit them to save money by purchasing more than one service from the invention design company.

3D Modeling Services

The majority of 3D modeling services perform only certain types of design in which inventions and prototypes are not usually within. 3D modeling services will generally only perform design task such as architectural work, mechanical, electrical, or some specialty field. If you're interested in finding a CAD design service who specializes in invention design, your best bet would be to search online. Invention design services are out there, but if you're not careful it's easy to get mixed up with the wrong one who can turn your patent mission into a complete nightmare.

CAD Prototype

So within the first steps an Inventor takes they are normally notified that they will need a CAD Prototype. Unless an Inventor creates the prototype from hand a CAD file will surely be needed. In all reality when someone thinks of the word prototype they normally associate a high dollar amount for cost with it. Really this is the furthest thing from the truth if you can find an honest invetion design service or rapid prototype service to perform your needs. Really an Inventor should try and look for one service to not only design the prototype, but also make the prototype. If found this service should produce reduced cost to the Inventor since they are purchasing more than one service from them.

Patent Designers

Patent Design ServicesFlorida Drafting  Company


Online patent design services are a must for inventors going through the process of submitting a patent. The reason why inventors need help from these design companies is that most are not familiar with using CAD which is the primary way to design anything being manufactured today. Patent design services can help inventors with patent drawings, or patent blueprints as well as many

other aspects of having their invention created. These online invention drafting services can be found by using any major search engine like Google, or Yahoo. When researching one of the design companies try to find one that can help with creating a CAD manufacturing file for rapid prototyping needs, conceptual designs, your patent drawings, and your manufacturing CAD part files. Other things to look for with an invention design company are their ability to help you with your product marketing. Marketing inventions or products includes the services of logo design, branding, website design, SEO, and other forms of online marketing to get your product in front of the intended and potential customers for your invention.

CAD Inventions

CAD Design Companies

CAD design companies are the ones who physically do the invention design work with computer software. CAD is the most important aspect of having a invention or prototype designed, and is something any inventor should familiarize their self with if submitting a patent to the USPTO. To fully understand what CAD is you should know that it is the acronym for computer aided design or computer aided drafting. CAD software is a very versatile program which allows several aspects of design to be done. CAD files can be used to create patent drawings, blueprints, 3D models, renderings, CNC metal designs, ABS, rapid prototypes, ABS products, injection molds, and almost any material used today in manufacturing. CAD invention companies use this versatile software program to develop anything imaginable as well as 3D animations, and  the projected engineering affects applied to specified materials. Invention design companies can fully evaluate every aspect of an Inventors design before it's mass-produced.

CAD Prototyping Companies

Rapid prototypes can be produced from specially formatted CAD files made to operate with the machinery that operates 3D Printers for creating prototypes. 3D printers are complex machines that use CAD files to create products out of materials such as ABS through a process of layering. This layering process is done by laying one layer of the specified prototype material upon another until it's built up to create a prototype. In areas where the prototype is hollow a filler is used as a secondary material. After the prototype cools down and hardens it is placed into a solvent bath. The bath dissolves the un-wanted material and your left with a flawless prototype. Before deciding to do any major manufacturing make sure you invest in a rapid prototype to ensure the design is exactly what you want, and to check it for defects. In the scheme of things it's a small price to pay before investing in an injection mold which can cost several thousand compared to several hundred.

Invention Design Companies

Online Invention DesignersInvention Designing

Invention design services can be found online, and may be very useful to inventors pursuing a patent. These online invention design companies can help inventors with several different aspects of their inventions design. The most commonly known to the inventor would be the patent drawings, or patent blueprints. The files that invention designers use in order to design these drawings are also used to create 3D models, renderings, concept designs, rapid prototypes, CNC, and injection molds for mass manufacturing. The easiest way to find an online invention design company is to simply Google for one, or uses another major search engine. Some of these companies only design one aspect of an invention, so if you’re looking for one try to find one that can help you with all aspects of your inventions design. There are a few that will not only design and produce your prototype, but help with branding, logo design, web design, and online marketing. One of these online invention design companies are preferred due to the fact they can take your invention from concept to completion.

CAD Designers

CAD Designers are the actual professional draftsmen who design an invention with CAD software. CAD or CADD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting Design. CAD software is very versatile and allows more than one task to be done with a 3D model. The 3D model is a computer file which contains all the information to make patent drawings, blueprints, prototypes, or even injection molds. These files serve more than one purpose and that’s why it’s important to use a CAD Designer who will not overcharge an inventor a large sum of money for the same design. Communication between an inventor and a CAD designer is normally done by using special CAD software that allows the inventor to view the design from their own PC. Since these companies are mostly online meeting in person is rarely done. The CAD software used to communicate will allow the one viewing it to pull dimensions and get a real in depth look at what’s been designed before a rapid prototype is made. Programs like this use files called DWF’s, and the software that reads DWF files can be found for free online if you know where to look. The CAD design company working with the inventor should direct them in the right direction.

Online Prototype Services

As previously stated try to find an invention design service that can produce your prototype as well as design it. Rapid prototype companies use special machines for manufacturing called 3D Printers. These technical machines take the information stored within a CAD file and use it like directions for fabrication. 3D printers work by using a special technique of layering to develop rapid prototypes. The layering process is done by placing one layer upon another of the specified material until the product is formed. For areas where there is a hole for example, the 3D printer uses a secondary material which acts as a support. Once the rapid prototype is completed it is then dipped into a solvent bath where the support material dissolves leaving nothing but the desired prototype. The process is rather fast and more affordable than one might think. The pricing for a rapid prototype breaks down to the amount of material used, and the time the machines will actually be creating the product. The complexity of the design is irrelevant so don’t think you can’t afford one. Without taking this step an inventor would have no real feel for how their invention would look and feel once manufactured. Also the rapid prototype allows one to thoroughly examine an invention for defects in design, engineering flaws, and for improvements one might like to make.

Inventor Design Services

Invention Designerspatent designs

Invention and patent designers can perform several tasks that are required within the patent process. Some of these include creating patent drawings or blueprints to help communicate the inventions look and functionality. Invention design services can also provide 3D CAD models. These 3D models can be used in the manufacturing process to develop rapid prototypes, CNC, or injection molds. There is absolutely no reason why more than one CAD design service should be used in order to assist an Inventor throughout the design phase of their invention. Using one designer to provide all of these requirements will allow you to save money as most of them will reduce pricing if you obtain more than one of their services.

Patent Drawings

Patent Drawings or Patent blueprints are used within the patent process to help illustrate key features of an invention to the USPTO. These drawings allow the ones reviewing the patent to get a full understanding of how the invention behaves looks, and the key features within it. Without these important patent drawings it would almost be impossible to fully grasp someone’s intended invention. When a CAD invention designs service creates a 3D model it can be used and manipulated to create these 2D blueprints with computer software. This software can perform many tasks an Inventor will need, and will be something any Inventor needs to get familiar with if they plan on tackling the patent process.

CAD Designers

CAD is the software program that designs the files manufacturers use to develop products for rapid prototypes, CNC, injection molds, and any other type of manufacturing done by machines. CAD is also used in the design field for architecture, civil, electrical, MEP, and with other types of technical drawings. CAD or CADD is the acronym for computer aided design and drafting. Without this unique software it would be impossible for manufacturers to use automated machines when creating new products. CAD is a staple within design and shows no sign of being dominated by any other process within manufacturing.

Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototypes are created from the same CAD file which produces patent drawings and blueprints. This CAD file or 3D model is used in conjunction with a 3D printer to create rapid prototype. 3D printers take the information within the CAD file and use it to perform a process of layering to create the prototype. This unique process is done by laying down one layer upon another of the specified material until the prototype is created. For parts where the material might not be supported properly a filler is used which will eventually be removed. To remove this filler the rapid prototype is laid in a solvent bath where it will be dissolved by the chemicals.

Affordable Inventions

If you decide to take on the experience of the patent process keep in mind that there are ways to save money. First and foremost find an invention design service to fulfill all of your invention design needs. This means everything from the conceptual design, patent drawings, blueprints, up to manufacturing your rapid prototype and injection molds. If you’re thinking of not having a prototype made think again. This very affordable step will allow you to fully review the look and feel of your invention before investing in an injection mold which can be more costly. These invention design services can be found online simply by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Try to save money in every step of the patent process, and in the end it can save you thousands of dollars.

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