May 11

CAD Electrical Invention Design

Electrical CAD DraftingCAD Designers


The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric telegraph and electrical power supply. It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.

Our CAD Drafting Service specializes in all types of Electrical Engineering Drawings, and provides Free CAD Estimates to all its visitors.

For every type of electrical device, a series of Electrical Drawings must be produced. eLine Design provides 2D, and 3D Drafting for Electrical Engineering, as well as several other types of engineering drawings for

Electrical, Architecture, Mechanical, Inventions, Prototypes, Concept Designs,

Structural, CNC Drafting, MEP & 3D Modeling.


May 11

Mechanical CAD Inventions

CAD DesignersMechanical CAD Drafting


eLine Design is an Online CAD Website and CAD Drafting Company that offers CAD Services for Mechanical Drafting and Design. The primary uses
for Mechanical Drafting include, but are not limited to Machine Part Design, Invention, and CNC Design. For this type of Drafting our CAD Drafting Service uses programs like Autodesk’s Inventor and Pro-E. This is the same CAD Software used to Design Airplanes, and the Shuttle

Invention Drafting

eLine Design Specializes in Invention Drafting, and Invention Design. Inventors will approach us with 2D Blueprints or 2D Drawings for Inventions they have Designed, and ask our Drafting Service to Render a CAD Conversion. This is also known as Paper to CAD, 2D to 3D, PDF to DWG, and many other terms. This is where a CAD Designer will transfer the Data from a 2D Drawing into CAD, and create a 3D Model

CNC Drafting

When a Mechanical Part is created it has to be very precise to meet the Engineering Specifications, and CNC Machines can perform this task with precision. Before the CNC Machine can manufacture the part, a 3D Model must be Designed with CAD Software. The CAD Software creates a computer file that the CNC Machines can read, and produce the part that was Designed. Here at eLine Design we develop CAD Drawings for CNC and all other types of CAD Files

Prototype Drafting

When the basic components of any Mechanical Design are completed, and the first initial phase of Design is ready to test, a Prototype is Designed. This is the step before manufacturing begins, and the Designers evaluate any Engineering mistakes or foreseen problems. This allows the Engineers to closely watch for any defects, make improvements for safety, and to reduce the cost of production. At eLine Design we pride ourselves in Prototype Drafting and Conceptual DesignsHere is a Video that provides an insight on the CAD Software we use by Autodesk

Our CAD Website is full of Free CAD ResourcesFree CAD Downloads, and other useful tools to make any Design experience a Good one. If you would li ke to receive a Free CAD Estimate from our CAD Drafting Service Please Click Here

Nov 30

3D Modeling Services

Invention DesignersPrototyping

3D Modeling Services can do such much for an Inventor who is going through the patent process. Invention Designers have the ability to execute so many aspects of the patent with the use of invention design software known as CAD. Not only is CAD a staple within invention designing, but also in every other type of manufacturing whether it’s architecture, mechanical, civil, electrical, or structural. CAD design services normally only specialize in one of these design fields, and very few actually will design inventions for Inventors. You may ask yourself why, but there’s actually a real good reason for this. So what is it? It’s the fact that most CAD designers aren’t skilled enough to design the complex curvature, and other aspects of an Inventions design.

Concept Invention Designers

So what is a concept invention design? A concept design, also known as a conceptual design is the starting point for any Invention, and is more or less just an idea that may be proposed by simple sketches on paper. Going from concept to completion is another story though, and takes a lot more than just ideas to make happen. Once the concept design is established, engineering, design, and a large amount of skill go into actually having a prototype made. It’s alot more than most people might think of before they take the challenge of becoming an Inventor.


Prototype Designers

So once a design is established where exactly does the Prototype come from? Well, it’s simple. The prototype comes from the same CAD design used for patent blueprints, or the conceptual design. CAD files are composed up of information to help communicate the visual appearance on a computer, and the necessary information to guide machines that manufacture injection molds, CNC, plastics, mechanical parts, or any material within manufacturing imaginable. These CAD files are what makes manufacturing today available. Without CAD we would be set back so far that it would seem like the stone age. Personally, I don’t know how we would get a long without assembly lines & robotic manufacturing.

3D CAD Services

3D CAD services can be an Inventors worst nightmare, or their best friend depending on how everything’s managed. Really one Invention Design Service should have the ability to perform every aspect an Inventor needs throughout the patents process. Inventors should go online and research Invention designers until they find the one who can assist them with all their invention needs at a reduced price for purchasing more than one of the companies professional services. Don’t settle for the first numbers thrown your way from one of these services. Instead diligently study, and compare pricing until you find that service who isn’t out to just rip you off.

Nov 30

Prototype Design

Invention DesignersDesign Services

Inventions are thought of as something that’s more or less a forbidden thing that only the geniuses of the world get to touch or be a part of. In reality it couldn’t be any further from the truth. So who makes out to be the best Inventors when all is said and done? Well, it’s the quickest one to the idea that no one has decided to put their time, resources, and mostly confidence in. So let’s say you’ve got this great idea, but where do you go now? You have no expertise in design, prototypes, engineering, manufacturing, and definitely not marketing. So where can you go without spending a life savings or two? Online, that’s where. There might not be many invention design services out there who can handle all an Inventors needs for a reasonable price, but their most assuredly there if you look hard enough.

CAD Prototypes

So the first step when going from an idea to actually having it developed is to secure some type of design. In most situations it’s simply something sketched out on paper by the inventor, or if they went one step further actually creating a handmade prototype. Handmade prototypes are more rare, but they do show up from time to time depending on the invention and the materials made available to the Inventor. So where do you go from here you might ask. Well, the next step in the patent process, and onto having a real invention is to have professional patent drawings created from a CAD Drafting Service who specializes in invention design. These online invention designers can not only create your patent drawings from CAD, but also your rapid prototype, and finally the completed inventions design. CAD is a very versatile software that allows several aspects of the Invention design process to be completed.

3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Services are an Inventors best, or worst friend throughout having an Invention Designed. If you choose a service who charges for every little aspect of the patent process you could have a hefty bill before you get done, if you ever do. Any Inventor should try and find a 3D Modeling Service who deals specifically with Inventions, Prototypes, Patent Drawings, Injection Molds, and one that may even have Patent Agents there to submit all the legal documents for the patent. These invention services should provide any Inventor with a reduced price if there purchasing more than just one service from the invention design company. Really, you shouldn’t settle for less. My advice is to go online and Google “Invention Designers” until you find one that can satisfy all your patent and design needs for a reasonable price. With all that said, happy inventing!

Invention Designers

Invention designs should be carried out by professional invention designers who specialize in CAD, Prototypes, patent drawings, blueprints, 3D modeling, and even types of manufacturing. Invention design services can be found online who help Inventors with their patent, as well as being a great Inventor resource by fulfilling their Invention Design needs.

Nov 30

Invention Blueprints

Patent DrawingInvention Designers

Patent drawings are one of the most important and key features required from the USPTO while an Inventor files for a patent. These invention blueprints, or patent drawings consist of dimensions, views, and other information to help relate not only the inventions look, but also its functionality. CAD is the tool in most cases that is used in order to design patents. Any Inventor should definitely familiarize themselves with CAD because it is a staple within any type of design now a days, and especially within Inventions and prototype design.


CAD Designers

Invention designers or CAD designers are the ones who actually manipulate CAD software into creating something known as a 3D model. 3D models are used for several different things, and invention blueprints as well as patent drawings are just a few. These complex design files hold all the necessary information to instruct machines that manufacturer rapid prototypes and inventions how to operate. These CAD files are extremely diversified in the sense that one 3D model can perform several task. In the end if an Inventor chooses the right Invention Designer this fact will permit them to save money by purchasing more than one service from the invention design company.

3D Modeling Services

The majority of 3D modeling services perform only certain types of design in which inventions and prototypes are not usually within. 3D modeling services will generally only perform design task such as architectural work, mechanical, electrical, or some specialty field. If you’re interested in finding a CAD design service who specializes in invention design, your best bet would be to search online. Invention design services are out there, but if you’re not careful it’s easy to get mixed up with the wrong one who can turn your patent mission into a complete nightmare.

CAD Prototype

So within the first steps an Inventor takes they are normally notified that they will need a CAD Prototype. Unless an Inventor creates the prototype from hand a CAD file will surely be needed. In all reality when someone thinks of the word prototype they normally associate a high dollar amount for cost with it. Really this is the furthest thing from the truth if you can find an honest invetion design service or rapid prototype service to perform your needs. Really an Inventor should try and look for one service to not only design the prototype, but also make the prototype. If found this service should produce reduced cost to the Inventor since they are purchasing more than one service from them.

Nov 30

Rapid Prototype Designers

Prototype Design

Prototype Designers are a special breed of CAD designer who has the ability to create complex 3D models with the use of CAD. Most CAD designers go throughout their career as a draftsmen to only design things within their specialized field. Some of these would include architecture, mechanical, civil, or electrical just to name a few. Prototype designers on the other hand have to be able to design on the fly no matter what the design consist of. This is a lot easier said than done, and there are only a few CAD designers willing to take on this role for the fact it’s not an easy one to embrace.
Prototype Services

CAD Prototypes

If your an Inventor and your taking on the patent process you should familiarize yourself with CAD the first opportunity you get. The reason for this is that CAD is used within every aspect of the patent process as well as creating the prototype, manufacturing, and several others. So how does CAD work exactly? Well, CAD 3D models contain information that can be translated by machines within manufacturing, and assist them by creating the instructions they require to build whatever product it may be. They are used with everything from glass, plastic, injection molds, CNC, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wood just to name a few. Everything you see around you today that has been manufactured is more than likely the spawn of a CAD 3D model.

Rapid Prototype Services

Have you ever heard of the term rapid prototype and asked yourself what exactly is that? Well the word rapid is associated with these prototypes because in most cases it’s created within a day or two at the most. This process is normally done with an ABS plastic or something similar through the use of a 3D Printer. These 3D Printers are the key to producing rapid prototypes, and as technology has gotten better, so has the precision and turnaround time it takes to produce a prototype. So how exactly does it work? It’s done by a special process in which the 3D printer layers the specified material down similar to a normal printer, but the difference is that the 3D printer will do so continuously until the material has formed up and created the desired product. These prototypes are extremely precise and only allow for 4 thousandths of an inch of tolerance, sometimes less. Having a rapid prototype created before investing in an injection mold, or other type of production is just a smart choice. This small step will allow the Inventor to fully review what the designer has done before making any real financial decisions within production.

Nov 04

CAD Prototype Designers

Prototype CADPrototype Designers

When an Inventor decides to tackle the process of submitting a patent they must endeavor several different design obstacles where CAD or 3D Modeling comes into play. Before a Prototype can be designed and created first there must be a conceptual design established. A concept design is essentially an idea or visual representation through the use of some type of image or drawing provided by the Inventor. This allows the Prototype designer to better understand how to create the CAD model which will be used to create a rapid prototype or invention design.


Invention Designers

Invention designers specialize in using CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting and Design. This complex 3D Modeling software allows Invention Designers to produce the CAD files necessary to produce Concept Design, Patent Drawings, Rapid Prototypes, Injection Molds, CNC, Plastic Molds, and other types of Invention Design from 3D CAD Services. Invention Design Services can be found online by simply searching for query’s such as Invention Designer, or Prototype Designers. Make sure you use a 3D Modeling Service who can provide you with all the Invention Design needs you may need throughout the Patent process as well as covering your manufacturing needs. Keep in mind that the same CAD model or file used in producing patent drawings can also be manipulated to produce a rapid prototype or injection mold. With this said You can save time and money if you invest your time wisely researching Invention Designers Online.

CAD Designers

3D CAD Services

3D CAD Services normally only specialize in one type of design such as architecture, mechanical, civil, electrical, or structural. Invention Design is a specialty most Invention Design Services don’t include in their normal day to day operations and should be left strictly to professionals. Invention Design Services such as eLine Design use a process of communication with the assistance of CAD software that allows the Inventor to visually see the 3D model designed from their own PC. When an Inventor has a vision of their Inventions appearance it’s critical that is transferred into the design correctly. In the marketing aspect of Invention Designing visual appearance is extremely important and what makes or breaks the inventions appeal to the targeted market.

Prototype DesignInvention Services

Prototype Design can be done for much cheaper and with less confusion if the proper steps are taken from the beginning. The USPTO doesn’t provide much assistance in laying out the steps to having an Inventors Design created into a prototype or rapid prototype. Keep in mind that one CAD Drafting Service should be able to provide you with all the design needs throughout the patent process which includes concept designing, patent drawings, patent blueprints, prototype design, 3D CAD modeling, invention design, & any other type of Invention Manufacturing an Inventor may need.

Nov 04

Prototype Designer

Patent Designers3D CAD Designs

[slideshow_deploy id=6168]Online Patent, Invention, and Prototype Designers can assist Inventors throughout the patent process with several different aspects within it. A lot of Inventors have no idea of how the actual process should be carried out in order to save money time and headaches. The USPTO doesn’t necessarily lay out the steps in an order that can be deciphered without an experienced patent agent or someone who has already submitted a patent. An Inventor needs to familiarize themselves with CAD due to the fact it’s something they will be dealing with the entirety of their Inventions birth.

Conceptual Prototype Designer

Conceptual designs are more or less a visual representation of what an  Invention looks like at the beginning stages before it has had time to be more solidified in design. Prototype designers sometimes have a challenge of taking sketches or drawings from an Inventor and transforming them into a working 3D model. Some online Invention design services use CAD software which enables the Inventor and designer to go back and forth until a design meets the requirements of the Inventor.  If you’re not familiar with CAD it’s the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting Design. Almost everything manufactured today is done so by the use of this software, and it allows the most diverse plastic molds, CNC, and other types of manufacturing to be produced today.

Invention Designing with CAD Inventor

CAD Prototype Designers

When a Conceptual design has been established and dimensions added to further explain an Invention Design, a Rapid Prototype can be designed. Rapid Prototype Designers can be found online and take the original design and adjust it for things like tolerance and other aspects of engineering in order to make the Invention Design functional. The majority of Rapid Prototypes are constructed from ABS Plastic by the use of 3D Printers. 3D Printers use a process of layering which places one layer upon another until the specified material is built up to create a physical model. 3D Printers work primarily like an ordinary printer except instead of ink they lay down plastics to form prototypes. The process goes quite fast and is more affordable than most Inventors might imagine.

Invention Design

Invention designs basically derive from the same 3D CAD models used to create prototypes. CAD is extremely versatile and can be used for Concept Designing, Patent Drawings, or Patent Blueprints, Prototypes, Injection Molding, CNC, and any other form of manufacturing an Inventor may need from Concept to Completion. 3D CAD Services can provide an Inventor with the majority of design needs for a Patent Design, and should provide reduced pricing due to the fact they have the ability to bundle all the designs together. This fact will allow an Inventor to save time, money, confusion, and  frustration from the beginning of the search for their patent up to the manufacturing of their invention.

Oct 22

CNC CAD Designer

CNC CAD Designers3D Modeling

Here at eLine Design we specialize in CNC Drafting and CNC Drawings. We use CAD Software specially designed for Mechanical Parts and CNC Machines. Our CAD Designers can Convert any 2D file into a 3D Model for CNC Manufacturing and Injection Molds

Our CAD Drafting Service offers Free CAD Estimates to all Visitors and will Beat any Online Competitors Prices Located within the United States By 5%

Here’s an example video of how CNC Machines can develop Machine Parts

CNC CAD Design Services:

Mechanical Parts, Inventions, Prototypes

Machine Part Design, Conceptual CNC Designs

Injection Molding Design, Plastic Part Design

CNC Design

CNC Designs are used to manufacture Mechanical Parts and other products with the assistance of CNC Machines. CNC Machines are sophisticated Machinery that take the information provided on CAD files and develop Mechanical Parts and Injection Molds with special tools. These machines are precise and can develop parts with extremely small dimensions and measurements.

CAD Conversion

CAD Conversion is the process of taking 2D Blueprints, Sketches, or other 2D Drawings and transforming them into 3D Models. Our CAD Designers and CAD Draftsmen specialize in this which helps the process of CNC Designing

Here are a few other names for CAD Conversion:

Paper To CAD, 2D to 3D, PDF to DWG, 2D to 3D Model,

Convert CAD, CNC Design Software

eLine Design uses CAD Software to Develop all of its CNC Drawings and Mechanical Designs. CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Drafting is the standard way of Drafting now and the way CNC Machines translate dimensions into Mechanical Parts. Here is a Video you can watch that provides insight into the CAD Software we use here at eLine Desgin and how a CNC Machine works

CAD Drafting Services

Architecture, Floor plans, Mechanical, Invention, Prototypes

3D Logos, Blueprints, Conceptual Design, 2D to 3D, Paper to CAD,

CAD Conversion, PDF to DWG, 3D Modeling, CAD Services

If your interested in a Free CAD Estimate all you have to do is Click Here

Oct 21

Invention Design Services

Invention DesignersPlastic Designers

Inventions come in every shape and size and vary from one to another. Most CAD Drafting Services simply specialize in Architecture, Mechanical, Plastic Mold Design, or any other type of Technical Drawings. Our Invention Designers are professionals that are capable of handling almost any design imaginable. This provides Inventors within Invention CAD Design Service that can not only design what they have imagined but do it in one place. Once the Invention Design is complete we help the Inventors through the manufacturing process whether they just want a Prototype or want an Injection Mold.

Patent Designers

Throughout the Patent Process drawings are required to show how the Invention will not only look but also function. Some Online Patent Design Services specialize in just this aspect of your Inventions Design, but we go a few steps further and provide this as well as the manufacturing CAD files. Why pay two or three times when one Invention Design Service can give you all the drawings you need at a reduced price. The patent drawings are more or less just simple blueprints or technical drawings to help show your Invention. Ours take it to the next level by incorporating 3D CAD Models which more than produce the effect of visualization you’re looking for in Patent Drawings.

Prototype Manufacturing

eLineDesign also specializes in Prototype Production or Prototype Manufacturing. In most situations once the Manufacturing CAD files are complete and meet the Inventors specifications the Prototype can be made within 2-3 days. Since We not only Design Inventions but also create them We can afford to provide our customers with reduced prices which seem to help a lot when you add up all the fees associated with the Patent Process. If you have already had your Invention Design done and just need a Prototype produced We will still give You the lowest prices found anywhere online for Prototype Manufacturing.

Concept Invention Designers

If You’re at the conceptual point of your Invention’s Design than We’ve got you covered. Our Invention CAD Drafting Service has Professionals that can make your dreams a reality. With just a few sketches, or even a verbal description our Invention Designers can nail the exact look, functionality, and even add new ideas to your Invention You may have never thought of. Since this is our profession We know how to have your Invention ready for the market it attracts visually and through its functionality. If you’re not sure exactly how to incorporate technologies together to make your Invention more than likely We do!

3D Printing

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