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Invention Drafting


It all starts with Your Idea. From there we use that information to produce exactly what You want and a Design that meets Your Satisfaction.


Once We have Your Design We evolve it into Working Drawings using CAD, or Computer Aided Design Drafting Software.


Once the CAD files have met Your Satisfaction, We develop Rapid Prototypes using 3D Printers, CNC & Molds for testing & Investors

3d printing From Concept to Completion, our invention design service has the tools & resources to help develop, design, patent &manufacture your invention. Our team has a diversified skill set which enables us to create a diverse, unique design you have foreseen in less time, with less money, and with more accuracy than any other design firm on the web. Our diverse skillset allows us to create unique and inspiring inventions with the latest technology available.

CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Drafting or Design, and is the primary way design professionals create their technical drawingsUntitled-43 worldwide.We use CAD in the process of designing such things as architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil or any other type of technical drawing you can imagine. CAD is a technology that has taken design and engineering to the next level, and will surely do so for a long period of time

Now a days blueprints are created onto CAD files and are viewed with computers. If a set of drawings is needed for the field it is simplyblueprint printed onto paper. This is one reason our service provides CAD conversions from 2d to 3d. Blueprints are an essential way to communicate the technical aspects of drawings and are just one of the CAD services we provide to our customers

Invention Design ServicesOur goal is to satisfy every Inventor who is limited by funds, or is incapable of finding the resources they need to fully bring their patent to life We look forward in guiding them with our knowledge and understanding of patents, invention design, engineering, and prototyping to a place that exceeds their expectations and goes beyond what they ever thought possible. We take pride in knowing We provide a superior service with the lowest prices online.

A little about Us

  • Who - We are a team of professional designers dedicated to providing the lowest prices on CAD & Invention Design with the highest quality technical drawings available online.
  • What-We specialize in All aspects of CAD Drafting such as mechanical, architectural, civil, electrical, plastic molding as well as custom 3D modeling for inventions & prototypes.
  • When - Each project is different, but our consistency in providing great turn around times is flawless and un-matched. In some cases we have the ability to design your project and have a rapid prototype made within the same week.
  • Where - We're centrally located in Brevard Florida otherwise known as the "Space Coast". This area derives its name from Nasa and all the engineering companies associated with the space program here locally. Where better to be located for resources in manufacturing, engineering &^ technology.
  • Why? - Well considering the fact that help for inventors online is scare and almost impossible to find, We decided to provide such services to the public for a reasonable price & unmatched professionalism.

Home of eLineDesign

Located in the beautiful Sunshine State(Florida) eLineDesign has headquarters based near NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin & other Engineering facilities known as the "Space Coast"

Free CAD Design Estimate

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