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Invention Design & CAD Drafting Services

We use the Inventors Patent DrawingsBlueprints & Sketches to Design Inventions & makePrototypes. CAD 3D Models  are Designed with software whose files can manufacture Rapid Prototypes, CNC, Plastic Molds & ALL other manufacturing techniques. eLineDesign’s Invention Services contain ALL the needs for submitting a Patent to the USPTO for your Invention as well as Marketing, Prototyping, and Manufacturing.



Rapid Prototyping with CAD


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Rapid Prototyping is the act of creating prototypes with 3D Printers from CAD files. Unlike ordinary manufacturing,rapid prototypes can be made with little investment to the Inventor. These efficiently made prototypes allow the Inventor to thoroughly examine their Engineering &  to make any Design changes necessary for minimal cost. Our CAD Drafting Services provide Inventors the tools necessary to execute their patent efficiently. 


Patent Drawings are required by the USPTO for Patent applications & are one of our CAD Drafting Services provided online. CAD  Patent Drawings are used to depict dimensions & functionality of Inventions to the USPTO. These visual 2D & 3D  aids Help communicate the look of a New Invention to the Patent Office, and allow them to fully understand the functionality of a Invention without any questions. We provide all Inventors Free Estimates for Patent Drawings and more.


 CAD 3D Models

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3D Models are designed with CAD or Computer Aided Design and helps Inventors evaluate Inventions before Prototyping. Analyzing 3D Models before manufacturing allows Inventors to save money by fully viewing their Design in-depth & accurately. The same 3D Models used for evaluation are also used for Blueprints, Animations, and finally for manufacturing upon a completed & accurate Design 3D models are one of the CAD Drafting services we provide as well as many others for Inventors.



 Inventor Design Help

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We Help Inventors by consolidating all aspects of Invention Design, Prototyping & Patenting into one service for their Invention needs. Our CAD Drafting Services and Rapid Prototype services allow Inventors to save time & money by making every step setup for a more optimized experience for the Inventor within the Patent process. Our Design Team is trained in Customer Satisfaction & in making every Inventors experience as personal as possible for a pleasurable experience.

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